Project Status

The CDIRM steering committee scheduled the implementation of the individual center projects over the course of the grant period in a pattern controlled by the serial availability of funds. Work on the project started on October 1, 2009. By December 31, 2012, the following digital projects had posted content.

American Center for Mongolian Studies

Electronic conversion of the catalog for the Baumgarn Collection, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar (complete)

Digitization of Tibetan Buddhist manuscripts in the Mongolian Oirat clear script. (complete)

American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT-Istanbul)

Digitization of the American Board pamphlet collection (selective digitization complete)

Digitization of the American Board Periodical Collection (selective digitization complete)

Digitization of the American Board Memorial Book and Personnel Card File (selective digitization complete)

Center for Ancient Middle East Landscapes, Oriental Institute

Preparation for digitization of maps at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research (research complete)

Princeton University

Digitization of the Guatemala News and Information Bureau (GNIB) archive (complete)