Center for Art and Archaeology (AIIS-CAA), Gurgaon, India

AIIS-CAA is the premier research institution in the Indian subcontinent devoted to the study of art and archaeology. Scholars from America, India, and all over the world turn to AIIS-CAA for information on the art and archaeology of India. The Center's professional staff is internationally recognized and widely consulted. Its outstanding well organized photo-archive and superb open-stack library are extensively used. Among the publications of the CAA-AIIS is the multi-volume Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture.

The photo-archive contains a systematically organized reference collection of over 150,000 documented and accessioned black-and-white photographs together with more than 16,000 slides on the art and architectural heritage of India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The photo-archive's collection represents: architecture (including Indian Baroque), sculpture, terracotta, paintings, and numismatics.

In an example of cooperation between DLIR and the Digital South Asia Library (DSAL, also funded through the Department of Education's TICFIA program), the entire AIIS photo-archive is now being digitized and placed on the web for global access via the F-PAD database. The DSAL website gives a glimpse of some selected collection of the holdings.

The library has collections of more than 55,000 books and bound volumes of journals pertaining to Indian art, architecture, archaeology, sculpture, paintings, epigraphy, numismatics, history, Indology (covering also the original ancient books and works on Brahmanism, Buddhism and Jainism), as well as those concerning world art and architecture etc. Other library collections pertain to costumes, handicrafts, textile, jewelry, design and decoration, performing arts, etc. The library also has on its shelves old and current issues of 350 journal titles, Indian and foreign, covering art, archaeology, and Indology, as well as 900 offprints of aricles and 600 maps.