Khmer Language Resources

The following lists language resources freely available on the Web that may facilitate the use of digital objects on this site. Current versions of most computer operating systems allow for reading and writing Khmer. Follow the instructions for your particular operating system to display and input Khmer properly.

Khmer Language

Khmer language and script

SEAlang projects

About the SEAlang library Khmer dictionary resources

Khmer Unicode Fonts

Khmer Standard Unicode Charts

Khmer Unicode / Khmer Fonts / Cambodian Fonts

FAQ and Resources on Khmer in Unicode (2004)

Khmer Software Initiative / Downloads

How can I make Windows work with Khmer Unicode?

How to setup your computer to support Khmer Unicode (window)

Cambodia SEAsite / Khmer language learning

WAZU JAPAN's Gallery of Unicode Fonts / U+ fonts Khmer

Khmer Transliteration

Romanization of Khmer

ALA/LC Romanization Tables

Report on the current status of United Nations Romanization systems for geographical names