ASCSA-G 20th Century Inventory

Map Inventory of 2004-2005
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DateCreatorTitle Place of CreationPublisher Name
1905 Ourand, C. Map of the kingdom of Greece prepared in the Military Information Division…
[1910] Wheler, G. Achaia vetus et nova cum observationibus Geo. Wheleri Armigeri Angli [Hague]
1912 Cottaschen, J. Das Osmanische Reich in Europa mit einem theile desselben in Asien….. Munich
[ca. 1912-1918] Cross, Alexander The Daily Telegraph War Map of the Balkans London Geographia
1913 Sketch map of the turcogreek frontier and adjoining districts London Edward Stanford
[1913] Peucker, Karl Makedonien, Altserbien und Albanien Vienna Artaria and co.
after 1913 [Fortifications of Drepano in Argolis]