Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
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  • Serjeant, R., Qaryah, A., & Bornstein, A. (1983). Sana'a food and cookery. In R. Serjeant (Ed.), Sana'a: An Arabian Islamic City (pp. 542-58). London: World of Islam Festival Trust.
    Keyword(s): Diet, Food, Preparation
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  • Varisco, D. (1987). Medicine and the herbal in medieval Yemen. In W. Daum (Ed.), Yemen: 3000 Years of Art and Civilisation in Arabia Felix (pp. 312-21). Innsbruck: Pinguin-Verlag.
    Keyword(s): Diet
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  • David, C., & David, P. (1984). Bottle-feeding and malnutrition in a developing country: The bottle-starved baby. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 30 (3), 159-64.
    Keyword(s): Bottlefeeding, Diet
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  • El-Daher, S., & Geissler, C. (1990). North Yemen: From farming to foreign funding. Food Policy, 15 (6), 531-35.
    Keyword(s): Agriculture, Diet, YAR
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  • Gingrich, A. (1989). The guest meal among the Menebbih: Some considerations on tradition and change in aish wa milh in Northwestern Yemen. Peuples Méditerranéens/Mediterranean Peoples, 46 (Jan-Mar), 129-49.
    Keyword(s): Circumcision, Customary, Diet, Law, Munabbih, YAR
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  • Kassim, A., Auckland, J., & Hunt, C. (1983). The policy of the People's Democratic Republic of South Yemen concerning the feeding of boarding school children. Journal of the Royal Society of Health, 103 (1), 33-4, 44.
    Keyword(s): Children, Diet
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  • Bågenholm, G. (1988). Feeding Patterns, Growth and Mortality among Preschool Children in PDR Yemen. (Doctoral Dissertation). Goteborgs Universitet, Ann Arbor.
    Keyword(s): Breastfeeding, Diet, PDRY
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  • Greiner, T. (1983). The Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of a Project to Protect, Support and Promote Breastfeeding in the Yemen Arab Republic. (Doctoral Dissertation). Cornell University, Ann Arbor.
    Keyword(s): Breastfeeding, Diet, Health, Maternal
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  • Myntti, C. (1983). Medicine in its Social Context: Observations from Rural North Yemen. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of London, n.a..
    Keyword(s): Bani Ghazi, Diet, Glossary, Illness, Traditional, Women
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