Tod Nomin Gerel Collection


This collection contains Oirat religious, historical and literary documents scanned from collections in Khovd and Bayan Ulgii Provinces in Mongolia. These texts are written in Clear Script Oirat, Tibetan and Classical Mongolian Script. The materials range from large, ‘oversize’ sutras to small, pocket sized sutras designed for Buddhist Lamas to carry. The original materials are hand-made copies of originals created prior to the advent of photoduplicating machines, in a ritual that was performed up until the Socialist period [1920-1990]. These ritual practices were abolished during the Socialist period and subsequent duplicating technology has made these rituals for the most part obsolete. The materials were scanned in cooperation with the American Center for Mongolian Studies and Tod Nomyn Gerel Center with a grant from the Department of Education TICFIA program.