Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 3 entries in 1 reference type in this bibliography searching keyword with Razi.


  • Weir, S. (1985). Economic aspects of the qat industry in north-west Yemen. In B. Pridham (Ed.), Economy, Society and Culture in Contemporary Yemen (pp. 64-82). London: Croom Helm.
    Keyword(s): Agriculture, Industry, Production, Qat, Razi, Revenues, Trade
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  • Weir, S. (1986). Tribe, hijra and madinah in North-West Yemen. In K. Brown (Ed.), Middle Eastern Cities in Perspective: Points de vue sur les villes du Magreb et du Machrek (Franco-British Symposium on the Comparative Analysis of Arab and Muslim Cities, 1984) (pp. 225-39). London: Ithaca Press.
    Keyword(s): Customary, Hijrah, Law, Razi, Tribes
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  • Weir, S. (1987). Labour migration and key aspects of its economic and social impact on a Yemeni highland community. In R. Lawless (Ed.), The Middle Eastern Village: Changing Economic and Social Relations (pp. 273-96). London: Croom Helm.
    Keyword(s): Agriculture, Brideprice, Change, Commerce, Crops, Migration, Razi, YAR
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