Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 4 entries in 3 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with Muammad Ali.



  • Kreiser, K. (1980). Der Haushalt der Provinz Jemen zwischen 1887/8 und 1910/1. Osmanli Arastirmalari/The Journal of Ottoman Studies, 1, 207-17.
    Keyword(s): History, Muammad Ali
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  • Messick, B. (1986). The mufti, the text and the world: Legal interpretation in Yemen. Man (n.s.), 21, 102-19.
    Keyword(s): Ibb, Muammad Ali
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  • al-Amri, u. (1983). The Yemeni Scholar Muammad b. Ali al-Shawkani (1173-1250/1760-1834) - His Life, Works and Times, together with a critical edition of iDarr al-siabah fi manaqib al-qarabah wa-l-ahabahi. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Durham, n.a..
    Keyword(s): Al-Shawkani, Muammad Ali
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