Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 10 entries in 4 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with Islamic.



  • Abdallah, Y. (1987). The past lives on: Man, landscape and history in Yemen. In W. Daum (Ed.), Yemen: 3000 Years of Art and Civilisation in Arabia Felix (pp. 472-79). Innsbruck: Pinguin-Verlag.
    Keyword(s): Architecture, Crafts, Dance, Islamic, Literature, Music
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  • Dhanani, G. (1985). Islam and personal law in the Yemens. International Studies (New Delhi), 22, 19-32.
    Keyword(s): Customary, Islamic, Law, PDRY, Sources, Tribal, Women
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  • Dilger, K. (1975). Das Recht unter dem Einfluß des Sozialismus in der Volksrepublik Jemen. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft (Stuttgart), 75 (1), 1-44.
    Keyword(s): Family, Islamic, Law, PDRY, South Arabia
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  • Ghanem, I. (1988). The development of the Hadawi doctrine, the neorationalists of the Zaydi school since 1948, and the current role of iilm al-kalami (or scholasticism) in Yemen courts - Part I. Arab Law Quarterly, 3, 329-44.
    Keyword(s): Islamic, KT
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  • Hansen, H. (1983). Nationalismus, Demokratisierung, Islam und Entwicklung im Nordjemen: Ein Blick auf die Nationale Charter von 1982. Orient, 24 (3), 432-57.
    Keyword(s): Islam, Islamic, Law, Nationalism, People's General Congress, Tribes, YAR
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  • Messick, B. (1989). Just writing: Paradox and political economy in Yemeni legal discourse. Cultural Anthropology, 4 (1), 26-50.
    Keyword(s): Islamic, Law
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  • Serjeant, R. (1982). The interplay between tribal affinities and religious (Zaydi) authority in Yemen. al-Abhath, 30 (Special Issue: State and ), 11-50.
    Keyword(s): Bakil, Customary, Hashid, Hijrah, Islamic, Law, Shaykh
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  • Serjeant, R. (1987). Observations on irrigation in South West Arabia. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 18 (Proceedings of the Twenty), 145-53.
    Keyword(s): Aramawt, Irrigation, Islamic, Law, Tihamah, Wadi Mawr, Zabid
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