Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
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  • Bornstein-Johanssen, A. (1975). Sorghum and millet in Yemen. In M. Arnott (Ed.), Gastronomy: The Anthropology of Food and Food Habits (pp. 287-95). The Hague: Mouton Publishers.
    Keyword(s): Agriculture, Crops, Food
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  • Dostal, W. (1983). Some remarks on the ritual significance of the bull in pre-Islamic South Arabia. In R. Bidwell (Ed.), Arabian and Islamic Studies (pp. 196-213). London: Longman.
    Keyword(s): Customary, Food, Preparation
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  • Serjeant, R., Qaryah, A., & Bornstein, A. (1983). Sana'a food and cookery. In R. Serjeant (Ed.), Sana'a: An Arabian Islamic City (pp. 542-58). London: World of Islam Festival Trust.
    Keyword(s): Diet, Food, Preparation
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  • Stone, F. (1985). Notes on the crafts, customs and local industries of the North Yemeni Tihamah 1982. In F. Stone (Ed.), Studies on the Tihamah: The Report of the Tihamah Expedition of 1982 and Related Papers (pp. 109-32). London: Longman.
    Keyword(s): Food, Handicrafts, Islam, Traditional
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  • Gingrich, A. (1986). i wa mil: Brot und salz. Vom Gastmahl bei den uHuawlan bin Amir im Jemen. Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien, 116, 41-69.
    Keyword(s): Customs, Food
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  • Staub, S. (1985). A Folkloristic Study of Ethnic Boundaries: The Case of Yemeni Muslims in New York City. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Pennsylvania, n.a..
    Keyword(s): Emigrant, Food, Identity, Poetry, USA
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