Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 10 entries in 4 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with Description.



  • Bidwell, R. (1983). Western accounts of Sana'a 1510-1962. In R. Serjeant (Ed.), Sana'a: An Arabian Islamic City (pp. 108-21). London: World of Islam Festival Trust.
    Keyword(s): Description, History, Sana'a
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  • Grenier, P. (1987). Aden, la ville qui est un volcan. In W. Olivier (Ed.), Corne de l'Afrique (pp. 227-36). Paris: Éditions Autrement.
    Keyword(s): Aden, Description, History, Neighborhoods, PDRY
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  • Halliday, F. (1978). Aufschwung in Aden. 3WM, 7-8, 65-67.
    Keyword(s): Description, Economy, PDRY
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  • Heard-Bey, F. (1990). The Society's tour to the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY). Asian Affairs, 21, 174-86.
    Keyword(s): Description, General
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  • Smith, G. (1985). Ibn al-Mujawir on Dhofar and Socotra. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 15 (Proceedings of the Eighte), 79-91.
    Keyword(s): Description, Suqura
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