Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 3 entries in 3 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with Circumcision.



  • Chelhod, J. (1985). Les cérémonies du mariage. In J. Chelhod (Ed.), Culture et institutions du Yémen (3 ed.) (pp. 231-57). Paris: G.-P. Maisonneuve et Larose.
    Keyword(s): Amran, Aramawt, Brideprice, Circumcision
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  • Gingrich, A. (1989). The guest meal among the Menebbih: Some considerations on tradition and change in aish wa milh in Northwestern Yemen. Peuples Méditerranéens/Mediterranean Peoples, 46 (Jan-Mar), 129-49.
    Keyword(s): Circumcision, Customary, Diet, Law, Munabbih, YAR
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