Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
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  • El-Shami, A. (1990). Regional literature: The Yemen. In J. Ashtiany (Ed.), Abbasid Belles-Lettres (pp. 442-68). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Keyword(s): Ayyubid, Chronology, General, Historians, Ismaili Islam, Law, Literature, Rasulid, Sulayid, Zaydi Islam
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  • Smith, G. (1979). Ibn atim's iKitab Al-Simi and its place in medieval Yemenite historiography. In Sources for the History of Arabia, part 2 (1 ed.) (pp. 63-68). Riyad: Riayd University Press.
    Keyword(s): Ayyubid, Rasulid
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  • Smith, G. (1983). The early and medieval history of Sana'a, ca. 622-1383/1515. In R. Serjeant (Ed.), Sana'a: An Arabian Islamic City (pp. 49-67). London: World of Islam Festival Trust.
    Keyword(s): Ayyubid, History, Rasulid, Religion
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  • Smith, G. (1987). The political history of the Islamic Yemen down to the first Turkish invasion (1-945/622-1538). In W. Daum (Ed.), Yemen: 3000 Years of Art and Civilisation in Arabia Felix (pp. 129-39). Innsbruck: Pinguin-Verlag.
    Keyword(s): Ahirid, Ayyubid, History, Mahdid, Sulayid, Ziyadid, Zurayid
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  • Bates, M. (1975). Yemen and its Conquest by the Ayyubids of Egypt (A.D. 1137-1202). (Doctoral Dissertation). The University of Chicago, n.a..
    Keyword(s): Ayyubid
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