Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
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  • Abdel-Daim, D. (1983). Mokha: The city of the past and the future. In A. Evin (Ed.), Yemen at the Crossroads (1 ed.) (pp. 81-90). Singapore: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, Architecture, History
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  • Becker, H., Höhfeld, V., & Kopp, H. (1979). Der welwirtschaftliche Bedeutengswandel südwestarabiens. In Kaffee aus Arabien: Der Bedeutungswandel eines Welwirtschaftgutes und seine Siedlungsgeographische Konsequenz an der Trockengrenze der Ökumene (p. n.a.). Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, Coffee, History
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  • Doviak, J., & Gimson, G. (1984). Trade and shipping in the Red Sea region. In A. Farid (Ed.), The Red Sea: Prospects for Stability (pp. 18-35). London: Croom Helm.
    Keyword(s): Aden, Al-Mukha, PDRY, Regional
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  • Farah, C. (1983). Anglo-Ottoman confrontation in the Yemen: The first Mocha incident, 1817-22. In R. Bidwell (Ed.), Arabian and Islamic Studies (pp. 214-24). London: Longman.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, PDRY-USSR
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  • Weber, O. (1987). Mokha, forteresse du spleen. In W. Olivier (Ed.), Corne de l'Afrique (pp. 223-26). Paris: Éditions Autrement.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, Trade
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  • Baldry, J. (1981). The English East India Company's Settlement at al-Mukha, 1719-1739. The Arab Gulf/al-Khalij al-Arabi (Centre for Arab Gulf Studies, University of Basrah), 13 (2), 13-34.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, Coffee, Dutch, History
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  • Farah, C. (1983). Reaffirming Ottoman sovereignty in Yemen, 1825-1840. Revue d'Histoire Maghrebine, 31-32, 193-206.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha, South Arabia
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  • Serjeant, R. (1985). The Yemeni coast in 1005/1597; An anonymous note on the flylead of Ibn al-Mujawair's iTarikh al-Mustabsiri. Arabian Studies, 7, 187-91.
    Keyword(s): Al-Mukha
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