Yemen Bibliography was compiled by American Institute for Yemeni Studies [Yemen].
There are 15 entries in 5 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with 1962.




  • Dawisha, A. (1975). Intervention in the Yemen: An analysis of Egyptian perceptions and policies. The Middle East Journal, 29 (1), 47-63.
    Keyword(s): 1962, Revolution, YAR
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  • Djaït, H. (1976). Les Yamanites à Kufa au 1+er+ siècle de l'Hégire. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 19 (2), 148-81.
    Keyword(s): 1962, History, Religion, Tribes, Zaydi Islam
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  • Halliday, F. (1984). The Yemens: conflict and coexistence. The World Today (London), 40 (Aug/Sept), 355-62.
    Keyword(s): 1962, South Yemen, Unity, YAR
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  • Lenci, M. (1977). Il lungo braccio di ferro tra radicali e moderati. Politica Internazionale (Firenze), 9 (4), 26-36.
    Keyword(s): 1962, Al-Iryani, YAR, YAR-Saudi Arabia
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  • Tworuschka, M. (1975). De Rolle des Islam in den arabischen Staatsverfassungen. (Doctoral Dissertation). Universität Bonn, n.a..
    Keyword(s): 1962, Constitution, Salim Rubiyya
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  • Zabarah, M. (1976). Traditionalism vs. Modernity - Internal Conflicts and External Penetrations: A Case Study of Yemen. (Doctoral Dissertation). Howard University, Ann Arbor.
    Keyword(s): 1962, Tribes, YAR, YAR-Egypt, YAR-Saudi Arabia
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