Transnationalism Bibliography was compiled by Mexico-North Research Network [Mexico].
There are 530 entries in 5 reference types in this bibliography.






  • Délano, A. (2003). Frontera Adentro y Afuera: Los Límites de la Política Migratoria de México y de Estados Unidos. (Honors Thesis). El Colegio de México, Mexico.
    Keyword(s): Migration
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  • Nuijten, M. (1998). In the Name of the Land: Organization, Transnationalism, and the Culture of the State in a Mexican Ejido. (Doctoral Dissertation). Landbouwuniversiteit, Wageningen, Netherlands.
    Keyword(s): Culture, State, Transnationalism
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  • Ripp, R. (1982). Transnationalism and Human Rights: The Case of Amnesty International. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of New York, New York.
    Keyword(s): Rights, Transnationalism
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  • Rouse, R. (2004). Mexican Migration to the United States: Family Relations in the Development of a Transnational Migrant Circuit. (Doctoral Dissertation). Standford University, California.
    Keyword(s): Family, Migration, Political Transnationalism, State, Transnational Politics
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  • Smith, R. (1995). Los Ausentes Siempre Presentes': The Imagining, Making, and Politics of a Transnational Migrant Community Between New York City and Ticuani, Puebla, Mexico. (Doctoral Dissertation). Columbia University, New York.
    Keyword(s): Community, Mexico, Political Transnationalism, Politics, Transnational Politics
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  • Thoma, P. (1996). Asian American Women Writers: Theorizing Transnationalism. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Colorado, Colorado.
    Keyword(s): Transnationalism, Women
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  • Tolentino, R. (1996). Articulations of the Nation-Space: Cinema, Cultural Politics and Transnationalism in the Philippines. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Southern California, California.
    Keyword(s): Philippines, Politics, Transnationalism
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