Transnationalism Bibliography was compiled by Mexico-North Research Network [Mexico].
There are 19 entries in 3 reference types in this bibliography searching keyword with Women.


  • Conway, D., Bailey, A., & Ellis, M. (2001). Gendered and Racialized Circulation-Migration: Implications for the Poverty and Work Experience of New York's Puerto Rican Women. In H. Cordero-Guzmán (Ed.), Migration, Transnationalization & Race a Changing New York (p. n.a.). Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
    Keyword(s): Migration, Political Transnationalism, Race, Transnationalization, Women
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  • Thoma, P. (1996). Asian American Women Writers: Theorizing Transnationalism. (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Colorado, Colorado.
    Keyword(s): Transnationalism, Women
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