@article{Gottfried2003, author="Heidi Gottfried and Laura Reese", title="Gender, Policy, Politics, and Work: Feminist Comparative and Transnational Research", year="2003", journal="The Review of Policy Research", volume="20-1", number="Spring", pages="3-20", annote="

Question(s) addressed by the author and working arguments

How gender is constructed in welfare state policies are force in ordering gender relations through an examination of a wide range of contexts.

Non-feminist theorists recently have integrated feminist insights into their welfare state models. Gender regime refers to “a system of gender relations in the market and household economies, the polity, and the civil society, that includes inter-personal violence and sexuality.

Networks as organizational forms aggregate micropolitical processes, mobilize horizontal channels of information, foster communicative action, and facilitate pooling and sharing of resources over time and space.

Comparative and transnational researchers have acknowledged regionalization of policy formation and practice, specially for the study of the EU.

Globalization has altered the sites, the subjects, and the ways of doing politics in which women’s movements can make claims. Globalization is seen as an open-ended process that is subject to negotiation by a variety of political actors.

Conceptual references to transnational – transnationalism

Transnational researchers.

Conclusions or Final Remarks

Feminist research attempts to evaluate the extent to which policies make societies more gender just/equal. Women-friendly policies should promote feminist goals and principles of gender justice by breaking down the gender -based hierarchies, they should enhance women’s independence and increase their capacity to support and sustain and independent household, they should empower women, and they should end unequal burdens of labor.

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